nw.jsが12.0 rc1になっていた。nwjcが目を引く今回のアップデート。

公開:2015-03-03 05:14
更新:2020-02-15 04:37

nw.jsが12.0 rc1になっていた。



* Usage of the new 'nwjc' tool, which replaces 'nwsnaphsot' to remove the size limitation and support closure:
- compile your JS file with nwjc:
nwjc <jsfile> <bin output filename>

then in your app:
require('nw.gui').Window.get().evalNWBin(null, 'your.bin');

The arguments of the evalNWBin() method are similar with the Window.eval() method, where the first parameter is the target iframe ('null' for main frame), and the 2nd parameter is the binary code file.


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