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I hope you understand english.

I am the main developer of Psycle, the one stored at
I have found your website and I would like to know what PsycleWTL is, its goals and if this work could be mixed back to the original project.

As you probably know, Psycle is going to change quite much in the following versions, so It is better that we don't do the same things again and again.

Please, contact me by e-mail, or in the forums at Psycledelics.




It is honorable to get mail from the developpers of Psycle.
This is the first time that mail is written in English.
I wrote this answer mail by translation by the computer.

Q1. what is PsycleWTL ?

-- PsycleWTL tends to carry out porting of the basic library from MFC to
WTL(Windows Template Library), and is going to refine the code.

Q2.What is PsycleWTL goals ?

-- Porting from MFC to WTL.
This purpose is reducing code size and studying the programming method of
MFC and WTL.
-- resource is DLL-ized and it is made multi language DLL'S.

The following is considered as the long-term goal.

-- Pluggable Editor(Sequence,Pattern,Instrument,Wave )
It is made to want to substitute an editor like VST Plugin.
I think that it will be made from component technology like COM(ATL) or

-- Remake Pattern Editor
--- multi voice and multi effect (like midi sequencer).
--- piano roll.

Q3. could this work be mixed back to the original project ?
I want you to judge by the above-mentioned answer.
If it can do, I think I wants to cooperate in a Psycle project.